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A british soldier, his face muffled against the cold, keeps watch with his assault rifle from the top of a fv432 armoured personnel carrier as it moves through the snowcovered landscape during an operation to escort urgently needed convoys of firewood into sarajevo in early 1993. He has recently returned from afghanistan where he was the task force helmand photographer. British army recruiting selection and training phase 2. The very thoroughness of the screwing of the pooch precludes its unscrewing. Whether they arrive by armoured vehicle or boat, british soldiers are trained to operate anywhere in the world and are supported by an armoury of powerful and versatile weaponry, from grenades to heavy machine guns tools for the soldiers task of taking and holding ground. Modern equipment of the british army military wiki fandom.

You can pick up mt work almost anywhere in the army. The weapon was introduced to replace the baker rifle and weighed from over 9 and 10 pounds 4. This will replace ageing and wornout mraps as well as the fv432 apc, a vehicle approaching 60 years of service life. The lads dont trust this assault rifle war is boring. Driver promotion is notoriously slow and to add to that, you will be on the low pay band. Being a driver in the army may well appeal to the young guys at school whose dreams are filled with tearing up the road in a huge military truck or tank, but it has never flicked my switch.

A service rifle or service weapon also known as a standardissue rifle is a weapon which an armed force issues as standard to its service members. Raf other ranksraf other ranks titles and insignia were derived from the british army. Its role is to provide general transport support atthird line for the british army. If you are thinking about joining 154 scottish regiment rlc as an army reserve soldier you will need to consider what you want to get out of your parttime career. L129a1 sharpshooter rifle designated marksman rifle. The royal logistic corps rlc provides logistic support functions to the british army. British army page 10 the official british army blog. Notes junior entry infantry soldiers receive phase 1 training at the army foundation college harrogate, then move on to the infantry training centre catterick to complete their phase 2 training. The official british army blog soldiers and officers of the british army in their own words. Supporting, enabling and sustaining the british army. Agustawestland apache attack helicopter l85a1 rifle now replaced by the l85a2. Most armies also have service pistols or side arms although certain weapons issued to special forces. It includes small arms, combat vehicles, aircraft, boats, artillery and transport vehicles. Royal engineers royal signals army air corps royal logistics corps army medical services royal electrical and mechanical engineers adjutant generals corps.

Why did the british and commonwealth armies use bolt. The corps is nicknamed the really large corps a play on its abbreviation rlc, the loggies, and by derogatory titles referencing supply such as blanket stackers or duvet technicians. As a result, infantrymen were frequently forced to engage enemies at longer ranges than anticipated, regularly beyond 300 m and often beyond the 500 m effective range of, for example the us armys m4series. Find out who the royal logistic corps are, the role that they perform in keeping the british army in battle winning conditions, on operations, exercise and at home. The l129a1 is categorized as a designated marksman rifle dmr which places it between an assault rifle and a dedicated sniper rifle. Im currently in the process of trying to get into the army and i want to be a driver in he royal logistic corps rlc i was just wondering what the fitness requirements are for this particular regiment. We have squadrons in plymouth, bodmin, southampton, banbury and aylsbury. From vehicle parts and tools, to ammunition, fuel, food and water, the rlc maintains the armys operational capability. He is currently in afghanistan as the task force helmand photographer on op herrick 18. What are the fitness requirements to enter the royal. A rlc pet ops driver will be in a totally different regiment to a postal driver. Learnt a alot in the army from how to cook to to shoot a rifle.

Rlc driver tank transporters ensuring their load i. The british army is the land warfare branch of her majestys armed forces in the united kingdom. Modern equipment of the british armyinfantry the basic infantry weapon of the british army is the l85a2 assault rifle, sometimes equipped with an l17a2 underbarrel grenade launcher and with several variants such as the l86a2, the light support weapon. British army recruiting selection and training phase 1. It can be attached to both armoured and softskin vehicles, or a groundmount tripod.

See more ideas about british army, british armed forces and army. The corps was formed from an amalgamation of the royal corps of transport, the royal army ordnance corps, the army catering corps, the royal pioneer corps and the postal and courier element of the royal engineers. See the complete profile on linkedin and discover mats connections and jobs at similar companies. Advanced base ordnance depot india army board secretariat. The british army rumor service a message board and comedy site described it as the weaponized version of civil servant, as it doesnt work, and cant be fired. Royal logistic corps rlc 10th anniversary cap badge f. British army soldiers react to pakistan army special service group ssg duration. As you can imagine the lessons for its 42week course consist of anything from foot drill to afghan military tactics.

The royal logistic corps, dettingen house, deepcut 2020. About the regiment the enduring role of the regiment has been that of thirdline transport the movement of materiel to the rear of fighting units, and, in particular, the transport of armoured vehicles. He left a career in aviation to pursue his passion for photography. The royal logistic corps rlc are the armys professional logisticians who keep the field army marching, its helicopters flying, its vehicles moving and its tanks and guns firing, by supplying it with everything. Corporal jamie peters, rlc, won the top prize for his portfolio of images from six months in afghanistan, where he was deployed as the photographer for the armys combat camera team cct. United kingdom special forces uksf united kingdom special forces uksf group is a directorate of the uk ministry of defence mod. Its role is to provide general transport support at third line for the british army. Regiments and corps of the british army geni family tree. In my experience the rlc end up loathing their own so much they try and get postings outside of an rlc unit in a small mt. Driver royal engineers drive some of the biggest bits of kit as a driver in the royal engineers, and earn a range of licences and other qualifications. This phase of training has no fixed period and courses vary considerably in length. It came into being with the unification of the kingdoms of england and scotland into the kingdom of great britain in 1707.

Formed by amalgamation of 1st bn the devonshire and dorset li and 1st bn the royal gloucestershire, berkshire and wiltshire li. Armoured brigade company rasc automotive bridge launching equipment. Dont go rlc driver mate you will get bored, i got all my licenses n that out of doing that job but now im rejoining as infantry join the artillery or something like that all you will do as an rlc driver is drive a truck through afghan delivering stuff from sht role to ammo for peeps on the front line. A diverse organisation with technically qualified soldiers working both in peacetime and on operations. Next week the rlc corps engagement team will be visiting an army careers centre near you. Ultra compact individual weapon uciw around 20102011, united kingdom special forces uksf held trials to select a compact weapon for specialised use by its troops. Tours of afghan and kenya and been on exercise around the world in various places. In the army, youre a soldier first, a tradesman second, on operations, they would definately carry them. It is dedicated to the development of all marksmanship skills, to improve. Driver comms specialists train as a basic signaller, operating radio devices and digital communication systems. This is a list of equipment of the british army currently in use. Higher formationremarks 1st battalion, the rifles 2007. Driver comms specialist roles in the army army jobs. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order 1toz.

Reply march 24, 2017 at 0743 with regard to your comment. Private robert robbie laws, aged 18, and from 2nd battalion the mercian regiment worcesters and foresters died when the fv103 spartan armoured personnel carrier he was travelling in was struck by a rocketpropelled grenade. British l129a1 sharpshooter rifle armament research services. The royal logistic corps rlc the royal logistic corps rlc is the youngest corps in the army and was formed in april 1993. In modern forces, this is typically a versatile and rugged battle rifle, assault rifle, or carbine suitable for use in nearly all environments. The british army is justifiably excited about the imminent arrival of the boxer multirole armoured vehicle. Mar 09, 2009 do rlc drivers in the british army carry guns when driving. It has the smoothest bolt action of any military weapon ever produced, is deadly accurate, offers an excellent sight picture, sn. Jul 28, 2015 an insight into life as a soldier in air assault support regiment rlc. The army technical foundation college winchester was opened in 2010 and provides basic training to junior entry recruits wishing to join the technical corps. The first announcement about army 2020 refine is out, and the news it brings are even worse than expected. Phase 2 training for the major arms and services of the british army is carried out as follows. Which rifle will the british army replace the sa80 with.

However, the specialist vocational drivers rlc, army air corps and raf and elements of royal engineers, royal signals and gurkha specialist drivers remain on the course for further training on a variety of specialist vehicles. The royal logistic corps rlc was formed on monday 5 april 1993, by the union of the following british army corps. The rlc comprises both regular and army reserve units. Dec 02, 2019 this could break down into three 12soldier rifle sections, each with two vehicle crew driver and vehicle commander gunner per vehicle and a 10soldier section. Army veterans in bicester have risen to the challenge of helping frontline staff by assisting the charity supporting the nhs. British army shooting army rifle association, woking. Our role is to provide the reserve capabilty to support the regular army in ship to shore. British army combat service support the royal logistic.

Armoured car company rac air control and command systems. The free platform, better known as the skills toolkit, gives access to free courses, tools and resources to develop skills and boost job prospects whilst in lockdown. Driverroyal engineers drive some of the biggest bits of kit as a driver in the royal engineers, and earn a range of licences and other qualifications. Do rlc drivers in the british army carry guns when driving. Afterwards, its off to the defence school of transport for 2 weeks to learn how to be an army driver.

From vehicle parts and tools to ammunition, rations, fuel and water, the rlc maintains the armys operational capability by providing constant support and sustaining. Rlc soldiers work with all units of the british army, and are found all over the uk. The army carries out tasks given to it by the democratically elected government of the united kingdom uk. The british army and partner nation forces mentors immerse themselves in the afghan doctrine policy and write the lessons. Scottish transport regiment rlc military wiki fandom. Lt col thorneloe is the highest ranking british army officer to be killed in action since the falklands war in 1982. British army phase 1 initial military training by age, entry type and location. First thing you need to do is look on the website or chat with your local afco guys and decide exactly which driving role you want to go for. Supporting, enabling and sustaining the british army the royal logistic corps rlc are the army s professional logisticians who keep the field army marching, its helicopters flying, its vehicles moving and its tanks and guns firing, by supplying it with everything it needs, wherever it is deployed throughout the world. See more ideas about british army, army and military. In addition, it is paired twinned with 27 regiment rlc and 4 regiment rlc, providing trained. The new british army incorporated regiments that had already existed in england and scotland and was administered by the war office from london.

The british army relies on a collection of modern guns and related weapons when equipping its infantry. Military training is progressive and continues all the way through an individuals career. Bottom line up front, they have well and thoroughly screwed the pooch and once it is screwed it cant be unscrewed. General carter apparently wants to shed challenger 2 tanks quickly, before his successor can perhaps think again about it. Become a soldier and professional driver in the british army to transport supplies and soldiers all around the world. The british army consists of the general staff and the deployable field army and the regional forces that support them, as well as joint elements that work with the royal navy and royal air force. Infantry infantry recruits do all of their recruit training phase 1 and phase 2 at the infantry training centre at catterick. As such, the designated marksman himself offers up, to an extent, the inherent benefits of both types of warfighters able to supply selfloading, repeating fire to the enemy at ranges that go beyond that of the standard assault rifle. Check british army 6 rifles 232 transport squadron 155 transport regiment rlc in truro, army reserve centre, moresk road on cylex and find. The royal logistic corps rlc is the largest corps in the british army.

It includes small arms, combat vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, artillery and transport vehicles. Alongside tesco and yodel, the bicester pioneer volunteers are packing up to 2000 meals a day, for delivery to hospitals across the. There are a total of 34 modern british army guns 2019 in the military factory. Our role is to provide the reserve capabilty to support the regular army in ship to shore operations. When your initial training is finished, and you join your unit as a private, your pay will rise to. This could break down into three 12soldier rifle sections, each with two vehicle crew driver and vehicle. Aug 22, 2012 ive just applied to become an rlc driver in the uk army as was wondering when you get to basic training, how long does it last for. Am bangor acc am preston acc am stoke on trent acc am oxford acc am redruth acc am plymouth acc ampm milton keynes ampm chester acc ampm. The uk isnt going to replace the sa80 anytime soon. List of abbreviations, acronyms and initials related to military subjects such as modern armour, artillery, infantry, and weapons, along with their definitions.

Being an rlc driver wont be what you think it is and being a civvi truck driver is shit. The sa80 is the british armys main assault rifle, and everything about it just screams 1980s. Uksf is commanded by director special forces dsf, usually a brigadier, a post that has to date always been filled by a sas brigadier. Abbreviations for british army, royal navy, royal air force. If the army does go forward with an interim battle rifle, as soldier systems daily suggests, the army will gain range. Corporal jamie peters, rlc, won the top prize for his portfolio of images from six months in afghanistan, where he was deployed as the photographer for the army s combat camera team cct. As a reserve driver, you may be able to train with specialist army vehicles further down the line. The royal logistic corps a new online learning platform has been launched by the department of education. British army 70554 private training reserve 110th battalion 22nd reserve bn, the kings royal rifle corps, wimbledon british army 42458 rifleman royal irish rifles 1st battalion more about clarence edward bolton. The british army is the principal land warfare force of the united kingdom, a part of british armed forces. It is the youngest and largest corps in the army, comprising around 17% of its strength and the highest number of regiments. Mounted on most vehicles within the british army, including helicopters. Combat support cs and combat service support css units could be equipped with appropriate variants, as would the supporting units of heavy tracked mechanised brigades, replacing.

The british army was a great place to work, friendships forged that are still going on warrant officer class ii former employee united kingdom and worldwide january 29, 2019 everyday was a great day in hmf, all training was given for all jobs that you was expected to participate. The ara is the home of shooting within the british army. A modern tracked alternative for infantry mobility uk. Oct 28, 2009 what are the fitness requirements to enter the royal logistics cops rlc in the army. Since the end of the cold war, the british army has been deployed to a number of conflict zones, often as part of an. Driver communications specialist british army jobs. Being in the army and leading those around you requires passion and dedication, whatever the environment.

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